Old City Of Nablus Project

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Old City of Nablus Project

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    • Hosh Obaid 7

      Hosh Obaid

      Located in al-Qisariyyeh neighborhood (Harah), in the Old City of Nablus, Hosh Obaid or al-Jibali as many residents prefer to name it, is considered one of the poorest and most marginalized

      Completion Period : 2012

    • Darwazeh Complex 4

      The Darwazeh Complex (Hosh Darwazeh)

      A large part of this complex had been destroyed as a result of the main Israeli incursions of 2002 and those ensuing. Five families who had been forced to leave the area at the time were abl

      Completion Period : 2010

    • Al-Shoubi Residential Complex 7

      Reconstruction of Al-Shoubi Residential Complex

      A whole residential complex (Hosh), where 18 families lived, was completely destroyed in 2002 during the Israeli invasion of Nablus.  The Technical Office implemented a comprehensive r

      Total Budget : $581,100| Completion Period : 2009


    • The al-Jitan Square 3

      The al-Jitan Square

      The Jitan square can be considered a quasi-public area as it constitutes the entrance to an area including tens of housing units. It is surrounded by commercial venues and shops, such as met

      Completion Period : 2011

    • Al-Nabulsy 3

      Al-Nabulsy Building and Courtyard

      The building and the courtyard are situated near Thafer al-Masri School, which is located in the Old City of Nablus.Al-Nabulsi building is a large building consisting of three floors and a r

      Completion Period : 2011

    • Sharaf 3

      Sharaf Building

      Located at the center of the Old City of Nablus in Salahi Street, the two-storey abandoned and physically deteriorated building was restored and rehabilitated  The Sharaf building is l

      Completion Period : 2010