Major Restoration Projects

Old City of Jerusalem Projects
Major restoration projects
  • Arab Catholic Scout Group

    The Arab Catholic Scout Group

    The Arab Catholic Scout Group was established in 1928 to provide services for the youth in the Old City of Jerusalem...

    Completion Period : 2013

  • African Community Society - After restoration

    African Community Society

    The restoration and adaptive reuse of “African Community Society” building was completed at the end of 2013. The building is used by the African community since 1996, where the club organizes cultu

    Completion Period : 2013

  •  edward 1

    The National Music Consenatoire ( Edward Said)

    The Shihabi family building located in al-Zahra Str. In East Jerusalem was last owned by the late Zuleikha Shihabi who was a renowned Palestinian women’s rights activist. It dates back to 1900-1920. This

    Completion Period : 2013

  • Silwan Kindergarten 3

    Silwan Charitable Society Kindergarten:

    The building is located in the heart of the densely populated and sensitive Silwan neighborhood south the old city of Jerusalem.   It consists mainly of two separated buildings connected with outdoor sta

    Completion Period : 2012

  •  shabat school 1

    The Young Women’s Moslem Association School

    The school is located outside the Old City of Jerusalem, specifically in Wadi el-Joz Neighborhood at a distance ofalmost 300m from Herod's Gate. The school is composed of two separate buildings, as well as a nu

    Completion Period : 2011

  • Al Hilal Club

    Al- Hilal Club

    The Jerusalem Hilal Club is located in the heart of the city of Jerusalem a few meters away from the walls of the City and near the Palestinian Museum. There is no accurate information about the building’

    Completion Period :  2011

  • Burj Al-laqlaq

    Burj Al-Laqlaq

    The four- dunum space is located at the north eastern edge of the Old City of Jerusalem, surrounded by the famous Old City Ottoman walls. It is the largest open space offering the Palestinian population a much-

    Completion Period : 2011

  •  frrer 3

    College Des Freres

    The school is located in the northeast side of the Old City adjacent to the walls near New Gate.The school consists mainly of two main buildings and three small buildings adjacent to the Old City walls in addit

    Completion Period : 2010

  • Centre for Social & Health Care 5

    Centre for Social and Health Care

    The building is located in al-Sa’deyya neighbourhood in the Old City of Jerusalem, located in a traditionally designed house consisting of two floors surrounding a small open courtyard with another adjace

    Completion Period : 2010

  • Spafford 7

    Spafford Children Centre

    Spafford Children Centre  The center was established 80 years ago by an American resident, Bertha Spafford Vester, as a charitable institution to improve the health of Jerusalem's children. The centre occ

    Total Budget : 682000| Completion Period : 2009

  • AL HUDA SCHOOL – Al Khanqah Complex 1

    AL HUDA SCHOOL – Al Khanqah Complex

    Al Huda School was established in 1991 by Al-Aqsa Foundation. The school is located on the first floor and is accessed by a common entrance that also leads to an open court shared by many residences. It consist

    Completion Period : 2008

  • Riyad al-Aqsa School 2

    Riyad al-Aqsa School

    Riyad al-Aqsa School - phase one   This Ottoman building, located in Haret Al-Sa'diyya, is used as a girls' preliminary school. Restoration involved complete rehabilitation of the classrooms, courtyards

    Total Budget : $133,200 | Completion Period : 2008

  • coptic Youth Centre 1

    Coptic Youth Club

      The Club is situated in a building owned by St. Antony’s Monastery in the Old City of Jerusalem, next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher; this location makes it an invaluable part of the urban st

    Total Budget : $140,600 | Completion Period : 2008

  • Shahida Dimiana Coptic School

    Shahida Dimiana Coptic School

    The history of the original building dates to 1617 when it was built as a church and convent.  The building where the school is located is owned by the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem and the Mid

    Completion Period : 2008

  • Al-Huda Kindergarten 1

    Al-Huda Kindergarten

    The kindergarten was established by Al-Aqsa Charitable Society and located in an Ottoman period historic building at Aqabet Al Tikkiyya. The kindergarten consists of two floors: the ground floor has three class

    Completion Period : 2006

  • Palestinian Counseling Center 2

    Palestinian Counseling Center

    The Palestinian Counseling Centre is housed in a rented Ottoman period historic house in the old city to provide social services for the community. The three-level building was adapted for its new use, walls an

    Total Budget : $157,000| Completion Period : 2005

  • Al-Madrassa al-Ashrafiya 3

    Al-Madrassa al-Ashrafiya

    The "third jewel" in al-Haram al-Sharif, this Mamluk structure underwent a first phase of restoration in 2001 to house the rare manuscript library of al-Aqsa. A Fund in Trust agreement was signed with UNESCO f

    Total Budget : $750,000| Completion Period : 2005

  • Islamic Museum 1

    Islamic Museum

    The Islamic museum occupies the southwest corner of Al Haram Al Sharif compound. It comprises 2 major halls, a wide front courtyard overlooking Al Aqsa mosque, and a back court and garden overlooking Al Buraq w

    Total Budget : $358,500| Completion Period : 2005

  • Dar al-Aytam al-Islamiya (Industrial & Academic School) 1

    Dar al-Aytam al-Islamiya (Industrial & Academic School)

    The comprehensive restoration of the 600-year-old Mamluk and Ottoman complex was undertaken in six phases beginning in 1999; it was completed in 2004. The $3.5 million project, financed by private donations rai

    Total Budget : $3,500,000| Completion Period : 2004

  • Al-Madrassa al-Manjakiyya 2

    Al-Madrassa al-Manjakiyya “Department of Islamic Waqf”

    With its main facade and arcade inside Al Haram Al Sharif, this beautiful Mamluk Madrassa, established in 1361 AD/762 by Saif Eddin Manjak, is part of the exceptional historic environment surrounding Al Haram A

    Total Budget : $335,000| Completion Period : 2004

  • Madrassa al-Tushtumariyya 1

    Madrassa al-Tushtumariyya

    This magnificent Mamluk building (Madrassa) is located on the main Tariq Bab al-Silsileh. It was built between 1382 and 1384 by Prince Saif al-Din Tushtumariyya al-Alai; the Prince and his son are both buried a

    Total Budget : $230,000| Completion Period : 2004

  • Al-Aqsa Library 1

    Al-Aqsa Library

    This building of early Islamic architecture had been added to the Templer Hall erected by the Crusaders and was previously used as a women's mosque attached to Al-Aqsa mosque. In 2000 the OCJRP team carefully r

    Total Budget : $278,000| Completion Period : 2004

  •  al jawhereya

    Al-Madrassa Al-Jawhariya

    Now housing the Awqaf Department of Archeology, the 600-year-old madrassa and ribat required structural consolidation and re-pointing of its walls to correct damage from unprofessional excavation work that had

    Total Budget : $225,000| Completion Period : 2003

  • Community Center/Al-Quds University 1

    Community Center/ Al-Quds University

    This historic structure, possibly used as a Crusader church, tannery and carpentry at one time, had been closed and abandoned for decades. It required major restoration and heavy structural consolidation as it

    Total Budget : $115,000| Completion Period : 2003

  • OCJRP Technical Office 1

    Old City of Jerusalem Revitalisation Programme Technical Office

    A neglected house in disrepair was purchased by Welfare Association for reuse as OCJRP offices in the Old City. The two-level building was cleaned, and old slabs and plaster removed. Dressed stone was re-pointe

    Total Budget : $158,000| Completion Period : 2003