Old City Of Jerusalem Projects

Core Restoration  Programmes
Old City of Jerusalem Projects

    • Arab Catholic Scout Group

      The Arab Catholic Scout Group

      The Arab Catholic Scout Group was established in 1928 to provide services for the youth in the Old City of Jerusalem...

      Completion Period : 2013

    • African Community Society - After restoration

      African Community Society

      The restoration and adaptive reuse of “African Community Society” building was completed at the end of 2013. The building is used by the African community since 1996, where the

      Completion Period : 2013

    •  edward 1

      The National Music Consenatoire ( Edward Said)

      The Shihabi family building located in al-Zahra Str. In East Jerusalem was last owned by the late Zuleikha Shihabi who was a renowned Palestinian women’s rights activist. It dates back

      Completion Period : 2013


    • Al-Madrassa Al-As’ardiyya

      Al-Madrassa Al-As’ardiyya

      This outstanding Mamluk madrassa, built by Majid Al-Din Al As'ardy 12 1359 A.D., is located in the northern arcade of Al Haram Al Sharif. The school suffered from physical and structural de

      Total Budget : $146,800| Completion Period : 2006

    • African Quarter

      African Quarter (Rabat Ala' Al-Din Al Baseer)

      African Quarter (Rabat Ala' Al-Din Al Baseer) This historic Mamluk complex is one of the oldest pilgrims' hostels in the Old City of Jerusalem and has been the home of the Palestinian Afr

      Total Budget : $216,000 (Phase1), $167,400 (Phase2), $ 171,013 (Phase 3)| Completion Period : Year 2004-2006

    • Hosh Helou

      Hosh El-Helou

      The hosh, one of the largest and most densely populated residential complexes in the old city, is home for 9 families (82 residents). Most of its parts suffered from severe physical and envi

      Total Budget : $282,000| Completion Period : 2000


    • Housing Renewal

      Housing Renewal

      The housing renewal component has been a major part of OCJRP activities in the Old City since the programme establishment. This component includes rehabilitation and restoration of individu

      Total Budget : $ 808,800| Completion Period : On going