Silwan Charitable Society Kindergarten:

Major restoration projects
Silwan Charitable Society Kindergarten:

Silwan Charitable Society Kindergarten:


The building is located in the heart of the densely populated and sensitive Silwan neighborhood south the old city of Jerusalem.


It consists mainly of two separated buildings connected with outdoor stairs and yards, in addition to a separate hall used for social activities. Both buildings have two stories, with one main outdoor playground, playing spaces and yards.


The building probably dates back to the late ottoman period, and was built originally as a residence, several additions were added later. The Silwan Charitable Society bought the whole complex in stages during the last 4decades.


The following people use the facilities of the complex:

  1. Kindergarten: 70 children, 4-6 years old (the number of the students may be increased after future extension of the building).
  2. There are 5 teachers, a supervisor and 2 other employees in the KG.      
  3. Complementary Courses for High School students (60-180 students yearly).
  4. Social activities for the whole Silwan community.


The building showed signs of lack of maintenance and urgently needed rehabilitation, so as to provide an adequate safe and healthy environment for the students of the kindergarten, and to reverse the trend of constantly decreasing students and hopefully attract some new students in the coming years.


The project faced many challenges and obstacles, such as the intervention of the beneficiary, lack of skilled workers and difficulty of purchasing materials from the West Bank. In addition to that the infra-structure in Silwan in general is very old and it was difficult to connect the drainage and sewage system. Also an old stone staircase was discovered and restored (hidden behind a cement block wall) which connects the first floor with the second; it was.


The work included restoration work of the historical part of the building, and reorganizing the spaces of the new additions, outdoor spaces in coordination with the KG administration. The rehabilitation work is supposed to finish by the end of 2011.