Request For Quotations Design, Development And Maintenance Of Old City Of Jerusalem Revitalization Programme Website

Request for Quotations Design, Development and Maintenance of Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Programme Website

Request for Quotations

Design, Development and Maintenance of

Old City of Jerusalem Revitalization Programme Website


The Welfare Association - TAAWON is a non-profit foundation established in Geneva in 1983 to support Palestinian society in sustainable development. As a pioneering development Palestinian organization, TAAWON dedicates its work to provide a unique contribution to support development efforts of Palestinians, help preserve their heritage and identity, support their living culture and develop their civil society. TAAWON contributions to the development of the Palestinian society in the different regions, mainly in the 1948 Palestinian areas, the West Bank, including Jerusalem, Gaza Strip and Palestinian communities in Lebanon, through the following programs: Community Development, Education, Culture, Youth, and Rehabilitation.

OCJRP is a program established by Taawon in 1995 with the main goals of safeguarding the cultural heritage of the Old City of Jerusalem and supporting the steadfastness of its residents. The program expanded to Nablus as well, and has added new components to its work such as community awareness activities, specialized training and documentation (using GIS as one of the tools).

In the past 21 years, OCJRP has developed a website for its work that showcases its activities and provides resource information to the public and professionals ( ) and has also developed another website for the training and documentation module of its activities in the aim of establishing a professional institute for rehabilitation in Palestine ( ). Recently, OCJRP decided to freeze the institute idea and decided to merge its two websites and revamp them to provide the functionalities they already provide along with a new image that fits with the new Taawon branding guidelines (giving OCJRP a special identity as well).

Therefore, Taawon is seeking a consultant to revamp its websites (currently two websites) to one website that can achieve higher visibility and a higher level of social engagement. This will be achieved through a focus on its main components and success stories, in addition to features such as interactive maps and an online e-learning system for courses. Our target audience consists of members, donors, partners, staff, media and public uses.

Detailed information about required tasks and guidelines can be found in the ToR in the link (click Here), Queries or requests for clarification should be made in writing no later than 22/4/2017 to , All Questions and responses will be posted online by 23/4/2017 on same link above.

Any proposal that doesn’t comply with the requirements and/or does not meet the conditions in the ToR will be excluded automatically.

Submission Deadline: Quotations in response to this RFQ must be received by 2:00 pm, on 30 April 2017 in accordance to the requirements of the RFQ. Please send your quotations in two separate closed envelopes (one technical and one financial) in a sealed envelope within scheduled date & time to:

Tawwon Offices, Al Nahda Square, Canada St, Ramallah-Palestine.

P.O. Box 658, Ramallah

TEL: 02 2415130

Kind attention:

Administration Unit




Question 1: Can we apply for the tender in joint venture with another company?

Answer: yes , TOR must clearly identify each one party


Question 2: Where the new website will be hosted (on Taawon’s servers? On cloud?, other servers?…etc)

Answer: hosted can be on any server, cost must be mention in separately


Question 3: Will the website use an existing domain or a new domain?

Answer: no need for domain name


Question 4:  Do you have Esri Software?, if yes ;What do you have?

Answer: yes we have, but no need for Esri in this solution as the map solution will be provided with ready Json files from Esri


Question 5:   Do you want to develop your existing web mapping application

Answer: only want to integrate it with the new website?


Question 6:   The link to your web mapping application (http://welfare‐‐west‐ is not working. Do you have another link?

Answer: link is working here it is again,


Question 7:  The 2 existing sites are based on which technology? Are they based on an existing open source CMS?

Answer: one of them php, the other .net, source is not available


Question 8:  The multi-lingual functionality, is it based on the ability to enter from the Admin area English language of text and bellow it translation to Arabic or some other language?

Answer: The multi-lingual functionality the ability will be from admin area, and it should not depend on any translate tool


Question 9:   Point 10, of the 'Course management system', Quoting
"The ability to send auto email alerts/confirmations when applying for a job, email subscription, membership…"

My question is about membership?  Do you have a flow of membership you have in mind. Or you mean here that the administrator can send emails to certain member types. Please clarify?


Answer: the system should send email alerts based on actions, example member sign up (email should for verification) , another example would be when member register for course, the system should send email for registration   


Question 10:  Map Integration:
As per my understanding we don’t have to do any changes in map, we have to just apply our website theme design to this map page, let me know if I am wrong?

Answer:  yes, unless your system need to rebuilt your own code, but the end result must me same


Question 11: what other users needed in the website to have profiles other than students and instructors

Answer: students, Admin (who will build the course definition), instructors


Question 12: where does the workflow process take place? in which part? For what user

Answer:  system should have workflow flexible; TOR should mention your solution for this


Question 13: will there be marks for students attending the course

Answer: no


Question 14: are there attendance sheet for students

Answer: we have manually


Question 15: what additional features must be added to map?

Answer: if you have please described it in TOR


Question 16: please provide valid instructor login?





Question 17: do researchers and trainees have accounts to use the map

Answer:  map will be open for public, no upload on it


Question 18: do you want a form Generator Module

Answer: yes such tool will be good


Question 19: Does this assignment include data migration for old websites to the new one?

Answer: Yes


Question 20:  What kind of maps we will use in this assignment (google map, GIS server …. Etc).?

Answer: as in the link google map


Question 21:   Does any restriction on the technologies that will be used in developing the new portal (LMS + CMS)?.

Answer: no, Tor must mention it clearly


Question 22:    What kind of hosting we will use or we have to provide it?

Answer: check question 2


Question 23:  Is there any limitation of infrastructure in hosting (Servers , Network, storage . … etc)?.

Answer: no