Community Awareness Programme

Community Awareness Programme
Community Awareness programme

A - Internship programme

Three engineers from Nablus and Jerusalem completed their training through the internship programme.


B - Outreach programme

Three Community OrganizationS in the Old City of Jerusalem carried out activities in the Old City aiming to raise cultural awareness among children, youth, and women These are:


Spafford Children’s Center ( ongoing 70%):


Spafford Centre established a Puppet Theater and organized plays for children and their mothers, with a discussion session after each play. The plays objective is to strengthen the relationship between the Old City and its residents to appreciate the importance of living in a historic city.


  • Al-Saraya Center for Community Services( completed 100%):


The project targeted children and youth in the Old City with their mothers. The activities included: guided tours to significant places in the Old City of Jerusalem. The center also published a booklet containing best stories written by children after visiting the sites.


  • Pal-vision ( completed 100%):


Pal- vision carried out several activities including: guided tours to the Old City of Jerusalem, and publication of a book containing young artists’ drawings after visiting significant historical places in the Old City. The book will be distributed to local centers, schools, and youth organizations.